Feel the pain – guaranteed | Spüre den Schmerz – garantiert

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• For German enquiries please speak with Lina Skora • For English enquiries please speak with Oliver Payne You might like to: • View the behavioural communication book Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 Ways To Ask For Change published by Routledge, available in most countries. • Join the London Behavioural Economics Network Meetup group • Join […]

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We work hard to avoid loss: How to take advantage in comms and pricing

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We work hard to avoid loss. Harder than we do to find gain. This discovery won a Nobel Prize in 2002 for Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky for their Prospect Theory: It’s that significant. So why don’t we use it more? In most cases we…

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The dinner party kit: a bluffer’s guide to behavioural economics

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Now that Cameron and Obama are talking about behavioural economics you need an opinion on it. And one that’s better than ‘I read a bit of.. ermmm, that book, Nudge, yeah’. So here’s your dinner party…

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