Where does your brand sit in your consumer’s subconcious?

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Wouldn’t you love to have a solid, reliable map of where your brand sits in relation to its competitors in your consumer’s subconscious? Of course, it’s the foundation of any marketing strategy – a strategy designed to get you from A to B. The reality is, if you don’t know ‘A’, you don’t know where […]

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How marketing agencies get sustainability communications wrong

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Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The AIDA model. Been around forever. Since 1925 in fact. And it works. Well, half of it works. And the half…

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Resetting cultural norms: A sustainable strategy

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[tweetmeme] Resetting cultural norms is an important weapon in the move to a sustainable economy. It is partly a design challenge and partly a cultural myth-making challenge. The myth-making challenge is the province of marketeers, but must be founded on a genuine product. Reagan’s opponent in the 1984 presidential election was former Vice President Walter […]

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Search is the C-Suite executive’s homepage

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[tweetmeme] Search is the C-Suite executive’s homepage: They’re researching their competitors and industry trends online on a daily basis. Nearly all of them use search engines for research, and half say they find what they want or expect. In fact 70% of C-Level Executives believe the web is the most important source for business information. […]

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Three blog posts you should read right now

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[tweetmeme] The Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog is a great resource of the world’s sharpest minds in marketing and strategy innovation. In their own words their contributors “spark exceptional insights in their field of expertise and inspire their readers to action” Too true. It’s a great resource and – whether you’re on the marketing side, […]

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