The wisdom of debate

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Something interesting about Any Questions question on Radio 4 today about the muslim preacher Anjem Choudary; paraphrase, ‘should someone who represents small extreme view be given airtime?’ (UK link here, overall show link here). The debate was interesting for the thing it lacked, IMHO. He was given an interview on the popular Radio 4 morning […]

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The media informs our choice in way they don’t realise. (And nor do we.)

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Like you, I am a fair-minded, considerate, person. The news I read, the stories I engage with, the information I glean is considered, compared, and compartmentalized against my existing understanding, which is itself, considered […]

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Equal (not always) rights

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Graham Linehan is an Irish writer most famous for the TV comedy series Father Ted, The IT Crowd, and Black Books. He has recently written a stage version of The Ladykillers playing in London. He was recently invited to debate it’s merits on BBC…

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