How do you use behavioural economics to increase desire for electric cars and bikes?

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It’s easy to get someone to want a sexy Tesla. It’s sexy, for a start. (What? you need more?!@?). But with a price tag of £100k it’s a lot harder to turn desire into action. So what do you do to create…

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While you’re selling the product, they’re buying the life-cycle

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You sell a ‘thing’. But that’s not what your customers buy – they buy the whole life-cycle. A life-cycle measured by the energy use of the raw material extraction, the production, the use, and the disposal added together…

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An elegant Highway Code – from ants?

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It’s not often you get taught a lesson about how to drive efficiently from a bunch of ants – so buckle up, literally. At the Department of Biological Sciences in the Monash University, Melbourne, Australia they’ve been studying the traffic dynamics of the leaf-cutting ant (Atta cephalotes, if you’re interested). Food for thought The rate […]

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