10 words that save 7 trillion gallons of water

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The psychology industry knows that our ability to understand the factors that affect our behavior is surprisingly poor – we simply can’t explain the decisions we make. So does anybody know what affects our behaviour?

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Carpet Bomb: The first carbon-free carpet company

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Ray Anderson is the founder of Interface, the company that makes Flor carpet tiles (as well as lots of less whizzy but equally useful flooring and fabric). He was a serious carpet guy, focused on building his company and making great products.

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Think outside of the box

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[tweetmeme] What do you do with all your packaging? You recycle it of course. The downside of that are the transportation costs and energy to pulp and reuse. But not if you’re the clever people at the Nothing Agency in Amsterdam. Joost van Bleiswijk used 500 square meters of reinforced cardboard to make these lovely […]

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