A way to incentivise the growing cohort of baby-boomers to reduce water consumption

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In general, baby boomers (the retired empty-nesters) have older domestic infrastructure, and this is likely poor performing. Also, there are fewer of them per household than younger generations with families. To use BJ Fogg’s nomenclature the boomers are harder to affect purely behaviourally in ‘span’ (It happens over a period of time (e.g., 14 days)), […]

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10 words that save 7 trillion gallons of water

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The psychology industry knows that our ability to understand the factors that affect our behavior is surprisingly poor – we simply can’t explain the decisions we make. So does anybody know what affects our behaviour?

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Resetting cultural norms: A sustainable strategy

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[tweetmeme] Resetting cultural norms is an important weapon in the move to a sustainable economy. It is partly a design challenge and partly a cultural myth-making challenge. The myth-making challenge is the province of marketeers, but must be founded on a genuine product. Reagan’s opponent in the 1984 presidential election was former Vice President Walter […]

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How can drinking tap water on live television change your behaviour?

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[tweetmeme] “Have you seen the thirsty boy on television?” Belgium’s most popular TV station was interrupted on three consecutive days during live primetime shows. By a boy. A boy that stole water. Why? Every 15 seconds a child dies due to a lack of drinkable water. ‘Music for life’ – the annual charity event organised […]

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