Support: TAPE© Behavioural Assessment Training (half day)

What you get

  • Improved staff ability to assess and apply good and bad behavioural elements
  • Tailored worksheets for each client so participants apply behavioural principles to their own communications
  • Real-world challenges our clients face are worked on with our guidance in the room – a very powerful way to insert behavioural thinking into the business or organisation

What we do

TAPE© Behavioural Assessment Training focuses on Timeliness, Attractiveness, Prevalence, and Effortlessness in order to bring to life the foundation behavioural principles.

We tailor workshop to be sector/client specific using client’s own work. The workshop follows a standard pattern:

  • We present an overview of behaviour and how it happens
  • We present one of the four TAPE© principles
  • Participants correct their own work-examples of real business communication
  • Repeat for the other principles
  • Good for 6-30 participants
  • On-site or off-site at our facility or a local facility