Teaching behavioural techniques

Behavioural Playbooks

A Hunting Dynasty Product

What we do

All the ‘plays’ you’ll ever need – either a library of ‘good and bad’ behavioural executions, using category examples and client’s actual work, and/or a strategy for deployment.

Actionable outputs usable from day one (so new joiners are as good as experienced staff).

What it's great for

  • Great for communication departments & agencies – covering marketing, communication, helpdesk, email, subscription, social media, etc.

Related client work

Communications plan

  • 15 thousand word document including behavioural techniques and a two year communication plan, various options
  • Open source document for 12 water companies, gov agencies, and NGOs
  • Part of Water For All plan in the UK

Insurance marketing ‘how to’ guide

  • 10 thousand word in-depth behavioural technique descriptions and applied examples
  • Designed and printed document for all staff

Social media ‘how to’ guide

  • In-depth qual with business owners
  • 50 page marketing guide
  • Library of 502 Twitter and Linkedin posts
  • 132 social destination links
  • 9 re-written blog posts

Marketing ‘how to’ guide

  • Printed and PDF document for all comms staff
  • Reduced to the behavioural techniques they would need
  • Included a brand new briefing form and format
  • Full of real-world examples to explain each technique
  • A companion document for scoresheet