Behavioural Scoresheet©

A quarterly review of key comms work ‘Scored’ for its use of behavioural techniques

What it’s great for

  • Communcation roles/departments in an organisation – especially if a team of marketing, communication, helpdesk, email, subscription, social media, or other
  • Communcation agencies – especially if have a design, copy, or planning function

What you get

  • A regularly updated online library for all staff to access and use on-going specifically realted to their output
  • Better output without the hassle and expense of workshops, outside learning modules, or replacing staff
  • Chart of quarterly ‘score’ for management to see the improvement in staff implementing behavioral techniques


Typical project profile

  • 1+ day: Review output that needs to be scored
  • 1+ weeks: ‘score’ and mark-up
  • 1+ weeks: In library


Contact us

+44 (0)843 289 2901 | @HuntingDynasty

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