Communication & Marketing behavioural strategy

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What it’s great for

[br][list_styles][list_style icon=”fa fa-caret-right”]Behaviour change for products, brands, services (commercial, health, travel, etc.), local and national gov policy, in-house creative teams, sales teams, strategy teams, C-Suite, and more.[/list_style][/list_styles]
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What you get

[br]Communication strategy[list_styles][list_style icon=”fa fa-caret-right”]We write a single, coherent narrative describing timing and content to solve a bundle of problems[/list_style][list_style icon=”fa fa-caret-right”]Upstream strategic work that gives direction to all categories of communication, as well as more granular descriptions and reasons for executional approaches,
e.g. Objectives, Audience(s), Messaging, Comms channels, Copy and art platforms, Bringing it all together: Examples/copy platforms[/list_style][/list_styles]
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[br]Marketing strategy[list_styles][list_style icon=”fa fa-caret-right”]Drawn from research, we write specific executable plans for your product/service mix including where to place messages and buy media, and what to say and when, such as for social media and brand positioning, or product description and placement, re-frmaing, and more[/list_style][list_style icon=”fa fa-caret-right”]A punchy platform of design and copywriting plans for non-behavioural experts to use[/list_style][/list_styles]
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[br]Download full report here (Creative Commons License): Water for All Communications Plan

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Typical project profile

[br][list_styles][list_style icon=”fa fa-caret-right”]1+ week: If we’ve done behavioural testing beforehand we can foreshadow this work and save time, but very dependent on inputs and the challenge at hand[/list_style][/list_styles]

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