Brand Personality Map (IAM©)

A score of brands’ personality – the strengths and weaknesses versus competing brands


What it’s great for

  • Known brands who want to turn all brand influencers (marketing, social, word-of-mouth, PR, etc.) into one, robust number
  • Customer/user archetypes based on how they really percieve brands
  • Answers are great for upstream strategy on ‘how to talk and behave’ to improve brand perception

What you get

  • A map of customer/user perception vs. competitors
  • Great for test-and-re-test over time to chack changes in perception


Typical project profile

  • 1 week: Selecting competing brands, writing demographic questions
  • 3 days: Tech set-up, logos, etc.
  • 2 weeks: Sourcing respondents & driving them to test
  • 3+ weeks: Evaluation

Who we’ve done it for


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