Mental-Model focus groups

Carefully crafted questions that establish a clear behavioural pathway, and the revealed states, themes and mental models of a target audience

Mental models are psychological representations of real, hypothetical, or imaginary situations that are used to anticipate events, to reason, and to underlie explanation (Charles Sanders Peirce, 1896) (Kenneth Craik, 1943). Using a mental model, we navigate the world around us – understanding it is vital in order to change behaviour.


What it’s great for

  • The general themes that a service, product, or policy evokes
  • Understanding where the audience are, and where to go

What you get

  • An understanding of attitudes, emotions, decision-making behaviour
  • Expert view on the influence of biases, heuristics, fallacies, effects, illusions, neglects, habits, & more


Typical project profile

  • 2 weeks: Literature review and discussion guide
  • 2+ weeks: Sourcing respondents & venue prep
  • 1+ hours: Session/s
  • 1+ weeks: Evaluation

Who we’ve done it for


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