Support: The Hunting Dynasty Playbook© & Scoresheet©

What you get

Embedding use of behavioural techniques into the day-to-day work your your comms staff, planners, architects, designers without expensive and time-consuming training.

For staff:

  • An online Behaviour Playbook© – a private, searchable, online library of their reviewed comms/output all marked-up with ‘dos and don’ts’
  • Actionable outputs usable from the very first review so new joiners are as good as experienced staff

For management:

  • Quarterly scores and graphs of department’s output so they can track progress
  • Deals with scale without expensive and time consuming consumer testing

What we do

Quarterly review of your recent comms work/output (web, print, phone scripts, film, PR, UX, internal planning, future planning – anything you wish).

We ‘drive from the back’, so we usually we do four quarterly reviews of a number of representative pieces of client output that have been made during the previous quarter of a year.

  • ‘Mark-up’ the good, bad, and missing behavioral techniques
  • Place them in online library
  • The amount of work builds through the year
  • Consistent scoring of behavioural techniques using our unique Playbook Score Sheet©

  • Graph the results for management to see successful embedding of behavioural techniques in the organisation