Models-to-Data-to-Strategy package

Themes: Mental-Model-and-Pathway groups…

  • The general themes that a service, product, or policy evokes
  • Understanding where the audience are, and where to probe further with at-scale test for robust data


…to Facts: Online surveys at-scale

  • Online surveys written by psychologists and behavioural experts using whatever methods are appropriate based on the Mental-Model-and-Pathway groups


…to Focus: Communication/ Marketing behavioural strategy

  • Upstream strategic work that gives direction to all categories of communication founded on behavioural principles and data from the Mental-Model-and-Pathway groups and the Online surveys at-scale



What it’s great for

  • Products, brands, services (commercial, health, travel, etc.), logal and national gov policy, and more.

What you get

  • A complete narrowing down from wide thematic inputs, to hard data at-scale, into a coherent viewpoint weaved with behavioural inputs and outcomes at every stage that serves as a fantastic springboard for any product or service


Typical project profile

Themes: Mental-Model-and-Pathway groups

  • 4+ weeks: from discusion guide, to groups, to evaluation
Facts: Online surveys at-scale
  • 4+ weeks: test written, to set-up, to driving respondents to test, to evaluation
Focus: Communication/ Marketing behavioural strategy
  • 2+ weeks: but very dependent on inputs and the challenge at hand

Who we’ve done it for


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