❯ Behavioural Workshops & employee ‘playbooks’

We help you and your staff unlock what most of you already instinctively know about behaviour – and we teach everything we need to know about the traps we to which commonly fall prey. From a basic primer, to longer training and assessment, we have a workshop for every need – and we can tailor a workshop (of a whole suite) especially for you.


Behavioural Application 101

Behavioural Application 101 is a rapid team exercise to listen to and apply behavioural principles to a ‘pre-packaged’ problem – that of a imaginary coffee shop. The exercise asks the participating teams to get customers to move away from using paper cups by using behavioural comms, messages, and changes to the shop. Staff will see the benefit of a behavioural approach to problem solving, and have methods to apply in their day-to-day work.

  1. • On-site or off-site at a local facility
  2. • An engaging presentation by us (~30 mins)
  3. • Split into groups, discuss, and present answers (~25 mins)
  4. • Guided towards examples of ‘overt’ comms and design, as well as ‘covert’/’the situation’ environment change

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Behavioural Assessment Training

Behavioural Assessment Training is a half-day or full-day session which improves staff’s ability to assess the good and bad behavioural elements in their company’s, and their sector’s, communications. Staff will learn a long-useful behavioural approach to problem solving, and have a ‘score’ of their recently learned skills via our test at the end.

  1. • On-site or off-site at a local facility
  2. • Engaging presentation requiring participation covering four stages: ‘Timing’, ‘Attractive’, ‘Prevalence’, and ‘Effortless’ (~40 mins cycle for each)
  3. • Split into groups of two, discuss, and present answers to the group
  4. • At end ~20 min test on our bespoke ‘test app’ using clients’ own comms material
  5. • Participants get a certificate, a tote bag, and a book by the founder at the end of the session

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