❯ 4. Behavioural Training & Workshops

We help you and your staff unlock what most of you already instinctively know about behaviour. We teach everything you need to know about the traps to which we commonly fall prey, from a basic primer, to longer training and assessment, we have a workshop for every need – and we can tailor a workshop (or a whole suite) especially for you.

Some of our packaged products are below. Ask us for more information.


Behavioural Workshop 101 (1 hour) ⬇

What you get

A workshop for beginners to understand and learn to apply behavioural principles.

  • Participants will see the benefit of a behavioural approach to problem solving and have methods to apply in their day-to-day work

What we do

Bring a ready-to-go rapid team exercise, ‘pre-packaged’ as problem solving in an imaginary coffee shop.

  • On-site or off-site at a local facility
  • An engaging presentation (~30 mins)
  • Split into groups, discuss, and present answers (~25 mins)
  • Guided towards examples of ‘overt’ comms and design, as well as ‘covert’/’the situation’ environment change


TAPE© Behavioural Assessment Training (half day) ⬇

What you get

  • Improved staff ability to assess and apply good and bad behavioural elements
  • Tailored worksheets for each client so participants apply behavioural principles to their own communications
  • Real-world challenges our clients face are worked on with our guidance in the room – a very powerful way to insert behavioural thinking into the business or organisation

What we do

TAPE© Behavioural Assessment Training focuses on Timeliness, Attractiveness, Prevalence, and Effortlessness in order to bring to life the foundation behavioural principles.

We tailor workshop to be sector/client specific using client’s own work. The workshop follows a standard pattern:

  • We present an overview of behaviour and how it happens
  • We present one of the four TAPE© principles
  • Participants correct their own work-examples of real business communication
  • Repeat for the other principles
  • Good for 6-30 participants
  • On-site or off-site at our facility or a local facility


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