Qual: Usability labs (desktop/mobile devices, Eyetracking)

What you get

  • Controlled space to observe behavioural pathway
  • On any type of interactive products
  • Clear feedback on pre-launch interface where downsides of launching for live testing are too great
  • Coverage in US, UK, France, Germany

What we do

Testing on: websites, interactive software, hand-held devices, paper prototypes, ATMs, kiosks, automated voice response systems

  • Our key difference is a behavioural reading of the session and outcomes
  • Host and observe using our psychologists

Features include:

  • Direct inputs from a respondent’s PC at full VGA resolution for website & software testing
  • Real-time video-marking of points of interest
  • DVD recording of all sessions
  • Easily supports multiple testing scenarios including IDIs, mini groups and full focus groups with up to eight users