We change the way
your world behaves

Using provable science, psychology and nudge techniques

The Hunting Dynasty enabled us to consider the perceived and hidden barriers to communicate effectively… to change [staff] behaviour. This resulted in far higher participant take up. I would thoroughly recommend!

Ronan Carter, Director, Yomp/PleaseCycle

…the team gave us some really poignant ideas & insight for our marketing communications, firmly rooted in behavioural science. Unique and refreshing approach, sorely needed in the industry!

Lotta Holmberg, Head of Marketing Communications, Pawsquad

Our customers didn’t understand our [insurance] products very well: 1. The Hunting Dynasty helped us develop material that really helped our customers, 2. We have proof that this material works (in fact, it was award winning) …knowledgeable, engaging and motivating –  I would recommend!

Kevin Neal, Strategy and Innovation Manager, DAS insurance, Bristol, UK

“…you guys are amazing! You’ve managed to package our idea to make it so much more appealing and beneficial to businesses… Fantastic work!”

Benedict Romain, Life drawing classes in businesses

Acquiring new users

Using all the behavioural tips and techniques to acquire new users of a brand, or service – commercial or government.

Nurturing existing users

Evoking action in favour of increasing users, or use, of a brand or service, or increasing the value users offer to you.

Streamlining use

Auditing the use and perception of a brand, service or scenario to find where to improve efficiency (or the perception of efficiency).


We deliver inventive, creative, and effortless insight and solutions that change behavior – if you have a behavioural problem and you want rigorous, provable change whether that’s mapping and repositioning a brand, increasing understanding, user acquisition, making solutions that work like magic from strategy, to marketing, operations, and policy – welcome to The Hunting Dynasty.

Our unique combination of deep applied and academic behavioural knowledge, and experience working in the world’s largest advertising agencies makes us supremely qualified to deliver robust, A+ projects every time.

Our name is derived from our core promise – looking for applied behavioural solutions (‘Hunting’) that last permanently (‘Dynasty’). We work internationally, with clients in the UK, Europe, and North America.