Working with us

Applying lessons from behavioural economics & psychology

1. Scoping

Do you have a 'quiz'?

You want to change some behaviour, in some way, in some part of your process, at some point in the future, for a benefit yet to be articulated. That’s OK! We have plenty of those types of challenges.

We’ll work out together what it is we are hunting for – there’s always a way through.

Some of the ‘quizzes’ we’ve solved:

How do we get end-consumers to buy products made of wood veneer versus (cheaper) plastic veneer, without contacting end consumers because we’re a business-to-business primary raw wood supplier?
Can you increase recycling in homes in our city (you choose what, when, where, and how)?  
How do we not mis-sell, and prove it, to the Financial Conduct Authority?
How do we use behavioural insights in our home rental business in the US, France, Germany, and the UK?

Or, do you have a defined problem? 

Perfect – now we know what are we hunting for.


If we have a real-world space to test then we have a classic behavioural intervention setup. In many cases with clearly defined problems coms a clear end goal – KPI, measurements of success, previous attempts to fix that have/have not worked.

What we’ll do with you is define a clear start point and process to get there.

Can you increase conversion to our service via our online paywall?
Via a letter, can we increase the number of people that willingly pay for their trees to be removed that are damaging a neighbour?
Can you increase conversion to our home rental online booking section using email?
Can you decrease ‘follow up’ phone calls from our emails?
Can you increase responses to our text messages when there’s no obvious upside for recipients?

Non-live testing?

If we don’t have a real-world space to test in, or there are things such as understanding and perception that need to be measured that don’t have a physical behaviour attached to them, then we have a classic qual,  quant, or hybrid setup. There are usually many variations of information we can gleen ahead of any real-world intervention.

We usually have a method or product for what you need – and if not, we’ll develop one for you, and/or put together a bespoke set of tests.

Our pension letters need either a response, or a clear understanding that leads to a considered non-response – can you create a letter people understand, and prove it?
Is a clean street perceived the same as a clean home?
What factors contribute to donations from cold letters?

2. Changing behaviour

3. Reporting

Provable, repeatable solutions

Together we'll have planned what it is we're looking for – and you'll get clear proof to satisfy your challenge, and your wider organisation.