What we do

Solve behavioral problems – by looking at decision-making and behavior in context, by applying a combination of theoretical hypotheses and applying psychologically robust repeatable experiments.
We’re with you from your defined problem, to solutions psychologically tested and verified, and then designed, and made and delivered to scale – in one easy arc.
Re-write, redesign and restructure your communication to improve their effectiveness (and test it, and show you the results)
Design and deploy randomized control experiments to make solid, provable recommendations
You can come to us with an ‘I’m not sure’, to a definite problem to solve, or a specific piece of communication to fix

Who we do it for

Special & International

Tailored projects for clients with Special Projects & International Programmes that are poorly dealt with by existing suppliers, or lack scale; Disaster relief & psychology of appearing in remote communities, geology, and exploration.

Certified for Military Strategic Effects contracts

Marketing & Brands

Presenting information and brand messages in way that affects automatic and well as the ‘thinking’ brain. And crafting, testing, and delivering emails, call-scripts, ecommerce, face-to-face sales, and more.

Award-winning re-writing and testing of statistically significant copy for insurance products + more

Medical & Pharma

There are some big watch-outs for non-psychologists who try to increase patient compliance, particularly around the magnitude of request.

Writing behavioural platforms for copy and art directors + more

Charity & Giving

Increasing a charity’s share-of-wallet relies on some key psychological pointers. Ask us how. We are advisors for Children’s Heart Federation.

Increasing donation rates + more

Organisation & Employee Engagement

Engaging employees can be a complex set of overt and covert ‘messaging’. Find out how we’ve done it.

Communities & Government

Creating the situations that encourage co-operation, group behaviour, and working with non-consumer, often non-aspirational actions relies on some uncommon interventions.

Finding out why people drop Coca-cola drinks + more

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Case Studies

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Who we are


Oliver Payne FRSA

Founder, Director | Linkedin

A behavioural specialist, author (Routledge 2011), commentator (The Guardian, Esquire Magazine, The Telegraph, etc), ex-ad creative, & manager.


Oliver has worked in communications for a long time (LinkedIn, Personal website), and is the founder of The Hunting Dynasty.

He began working in digital startups in Liverpool, NY, and London in the mid 90’s (after a Graphic design degree), shaping digital interaction and inventing some interactive TV elements that are on EPGs today. He was Creative Director up to board between 1999–2009 at Saatchi & Saatchi, and Ogilvy in London on global advertising campaigns for some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies, including BP, P&G, Cisco, IBM, Castrol, Avis, Toyota, and Visa. He’s won lots of the world’s top global advertising awards, and sat on global judging panels.

Since the late 2000’s he’s been working with psychology specifically through The Hunting Dynasty (est. 2009) looking to find and build interventions that change behaviour.

He is author of ‘Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 Ways To Ask For Change’ [link on this site | link to Amazon (Routledge, 2011), which wrangles together environmental and social psychology, behavioural economics, and decision theory.

He is an advisor on the Influence Advisory Panel populated by experts from academia, politics, military, government and civil society.

A speaker on behaviour at NATO (Latvia), Gov departments (Whitehall), Start-ups (Netherlands), Science Museum (London) and others.

Co-founder of the nearly four-years-old London Behavioural Economics Network which meets monthly.

He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, and an Affiliate of the British Psychological Society.


Davina Blake-Lawson

Client Services Director | Linkedin

Davina is an exceptionally experienced Client Services Director having worked across direct, digital, and behavioural marketing.


Applied psychology for behaviour change work is useless without experienced people to make the markets, and manage the ‘apply’ bit from start to finish. With a decade of experience in client service in one of adland’s largest global networks before working with The Hunting Dynasty, Davina is the lynchpin of our client Service and new business. She has a broad experience in all types of comms including digital, social, mobile, and direct mail, on brands including The Co-Operative, IBM, BaByliss, Revlon, Sherna, Cape Promise, and others.


Lina Skora, MSc. MBPsS

Behavioural Scientist | Linkedin

Lina is a Member of the British Psychological Society, has a Bachelors degree in Psychology & Management (Joint Honours), and a Masters degree in Social Cognition: Research & Applications, UCL.


Her academic achievement (with the highest dissertation score in her year), and background working in European government and well as campaign teams for the a UK political party, as well as experience running charity accounts stands her in great stead with Hunting Dynasty clients, many of whom she has worked on since she joined the company in 2015 – including successful pitches for mobile user experience, and working on an international feedback initiative for a £2bn/year international pharmaceutical company, as well as all the behavioural research, methodology, idea generation, workshop hosting, and copywriting to increase inhume recycling behavour in Bristol.

She’s a vital part of upholding the psychological standards of the experimental work as well as overseeing its journey into an applied intervention.


Jamie Romain

Creative Director | Linkedin

An award-winning advertising creative with experience from some of the biggest agencies in direct, digital, and behavioural marketing, Jamie looks after all collateral that leaves the agency.


Jamie is an advertising creative with experience in direct, digital, and behavioural marketing and is a creative director for The Hunting Dynasty.

He’s spent the last decade creating campaigns for global clients including IBM, American Express, Yahoo, Cisco, Dove, and more at Ogilvy » London, UK, as well as behavioural marketing for The Hunting Dynasty. He has won many industry awards – D&AD, Cyberlion, Campaign, and many DMAs – and his IBM Seer for the Wimbledon tennis tournament was the first augmented reality app to use live data, was featured in the Economist magazine, and is still used as a case study by both Google and the BBC.

Drawn to the way cognitive-behavioural theories can create more efficient and effective advertising, Jamie works with the The Hunting Dynasty to combine the two.


George Deane, MSc.

Behavioural Scientist

George is a freelance behavioural scientist with a masters degree in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from UCL, and experience with several world-leading behavioural design agencies.

George is interested in the application of insight from the behavioural and cognitive sciences to the domains of branding, marketing and user experience. As part of his MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences, George interned at Final Mile, an internationally recognised behavioural design agency based in Mumbai. Since then, he has worked for the award–winning company The Behavioural Architects as their Behavioural Economics Intelligence Consultant, and now works freelance as a cognitive and behavioural science consultant. George conducts research, provides literature reviews, and advises on many projects for The Hunting Dynasty.


Spencer, Msc.

Behavioural Economist


Freelance and Senior Researcher in the Social Brain Centre at the RSA, with an MA Behavioural Economics from Maastricht and advisor to The Hunting Dynasty on finance and social projects.


Nathalie is a freelance researcher, and a Senior Researcher in the Social Brain Centre » at the RSA, based in London. With a Masters degree in Behavioural Economics from Maastricht University, and a Bachelors degree in Commerce from McGill University, she is well-placed to join the dots between the academic literature on behavioural studies and actual business practice.

Her Masters thesis investigated the determinants of non-strategic punishment, an important aspect of the maintenance of cooperative behaviour, with a particular focus on the role of emotions, time, and social norms. In addition to her ongoing research and experiments at the Behavioural and Experimental Economics Lab at Maastricht University, she has worked with think-tanks and consultancies in London.

Nathalie’s work with The Hunting Dynasty involved looking at cognitive-behavioural and infrastructural interventions to address the high Green House Gas emissions embodied in consumer use of products from the world’s leading FMCG, to co-writing large behavioural workshops for major financial firms, and everything in-between.


Alexandra Mecklenburg FRSA

Business advisor

Alex advises The Hunting Dynasty on a wide variety of business opportunities thanks to her decades of experience including Managing Director in the digital and advertising world.


Dr Simon Moore, PhD, CPsychol

Chartered Psychologist & advisor | Linkedin

Chartered psychologist very experienced with organisations and brands using behavioural economics, emotional profiling and engagement.


Simon is a Chartered Psychologist » with the British Psychological Society. He works with organisations and brands in the areas of behavioural economics, emotion profiling and engagement for InnovationBubble », The Hunting Dynasty, and others.

He has specialist knowledge of customer-brand personas. He is trained in psychometrics and statistical analysis. Simon is an author and regularly presents papers at academic and business conferences.

He often appears in the media providing psychological insight into organizational and consumer matters, and has worked with such companies as Sony, Bupa, Pukka Pies, Universal Film Studios, providing them with professional academic advice and research support. He has also provided scientific support in the form of media comment for launch campaigns, PR and branding projects He has a wealth of experience of working with businesses and brands conducting ‘Health-Checks’ and delivering innovative and insightful solutions.

Recent work includes the development of a Recommendation Index (BRI) to measure the potential WOM reach of Brands.

Our partners

Propriety tools

A research agency/ consultancy, made up of chartered psychologists, that has a unique approach to business solutions – building proprietary methods to uncover the underlying subconscious processes that drive customer and employee behaviour and experience. The Hunting Dynasty and InnovationBubble work together to extend each other’s offering.

Health and well-being

SystemOneSystem One is a social enterprise whose vision is to facilitate social change and improve well-being by ensuring systems work for people, not against them. The Hunting Dynasty and System One work together to bring proven social and wellbeing projects to the commercial world. Disclosure: Oliver Payne is an advisor.

Graphic design

draught_400x400Established in 1997 by Michael Lenz and Dave Gibson, Draught Associates are a London-based graphic design company offering a broad range of services, combining typography, art direction, photography and illustration. Highly experienced, Draught and The Hunting Dynasty work together on the execution of comms for our clients.

Digital design

pEggsPixeledeggs design and build digital experiences, including development (HTML, PHP, .NET, etc), web design, user experience, testing, and deployment.

“We are ancient creatures in modern times.”

The Hunting Dynasty

Media & Published

Journalist requests for comment, or background information on a topic. Editor requests for written articles. Podcast, TV, and radio requests.

It looks exactly what I wanted. No, scratch that, it’s much better, more insightful and thorough than I could have asked for.

Leah Hardy, Journalist (Cosmopolitan, and more), Broadcaster, Author

Oliver Payne’s writing is insightful, informed – but always entertaining. If you want to understand why we do what we do, he’s your man.

Daisy Buchanan, Journalist (Grazia, The Guardian, Look, The Telegraph, The Mirror, Esquire, and more), and Author of ‘Meeting Your Match”

You give good quote!

Rowland Manthorpe, Journalist, Author

Esquire magazine

‘Has Tinder Ruined The Way We Hook Up Forever?’

Economic Rockstar: Podcast

064: Oliver Payne on Transitioning from a Marketing Creative to a Behavioral Scientist

Secret Psychology of Persuasion: Podcast

The secret psychology of persuasion with Nathalie Nahai

Centre for Applied Intelligence

First of a series of interviews with thinkers and practitioners in messaging research for the CAI

The Guardian

How Candy Crush gets you hooked – six addictive tricks. From colour theory to cultural awareness, psychologist Dr Simon Moore explains the compulsion secrets hidden in mobile games like Candy Crush Saga

The Telegraph

‘Four ways your energy firm ‘nudges’ you to be more green’

Science Rockstars


The Guardian

Can a change in portion size transform our bad food habits?’

The Guardian

‘Real time advertising could play role in sustainable behaviour’

Pimp My Cause

A Conversation with Oliver Payne, Founder of the Hunting Dynasty


A New Agenda on Climate Change, by Jonathan Rowson – and the four distal dimensions: “not here”, “not now”, “not me”, and “not clear”.’Direct link to page

Green Alliance think tank

‘Meh’ vs yeah: how to make the most of loss aversion’

Hyper-local, visible action is key to encouraging green living’)


Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 ways to ask for change

Why do short-term memory tasks change our behaviour? How is our worry-profile the same as an Argentinean farmer’s?

This book uses robust, peer-reviewed psychological insights to show how to change behaviour. It will teach you how to ask for persistent, pervasive, invisible – and in some cases near-costless – change by using our hidden quirks, judgmental biases, and apparent irrationalities.

It’s of great value to policymakers and professionals in marketing and communications departments dealing with issues of resource-stress.

Elsewhere on Amazon: UK | US | Canada | France | Germany | Japan

There are several reasons to recommend this book… it is written in a frank, conversational style that most readers will find appealing… the author covers a great deal of ground and effectively summarizes the technical literature in an easily digestible format. The book also includes a glossary of terms, making it easy for the reader…

Adam Mayer, Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2014

Advocates of environmental issues come on strong… Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour turns this on its head… Payne’s book is like an industrial loom for the synapses; it weaves in strands from contemporary psychology, cutting-edge marketing and cognitive behavioural techniques to show us how… ultimately… this can be used to our planet’s benefit.

Elite Business Magazine

The most passionate and articulate hymn to sustainability since ‘An inconvenient Truth’

Mark Wnek, U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education, ex-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Lowe (NY), EuroRSCG (UK)

Nudging can be used for good or for evil. For far too long, the evil-doers have known about the tools for influencing behavior. Thanks to efforts like Oliver Payne’s, that is all changing. Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour will help create more good in the world, while bringing more fun and happiness to those who lead the charge.

Dr John Balz, Marketing Strategist, former editor of Nudge blog associated with New York Times bestseller Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health Wealth and Happiness

. . . Oliver Payne masterfully brings together insights from a wide range
of psychological research, weaving them into a coherent guide for communications for change.

Dan Lockton, University of Warwick, author of Design with Intent: 101 Patterns for Influencing Behaviour Through Design

. . . If you want to join the fight against this insane, mechanistic view of human nature, you will find Oliver’s book an essential and often-used part of your armoury.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman Ogilvy & Mather UK, author of The Wiki Man, Spectator columnist

. . . an eminently accessible guide to understanding people’s behaviour and what you can do to influence them . . . Beyond its importance to the topic of sustainability, whatever the concept or product, you will sell it more effectively once you have read this book

Philip Graves, author of Consumer.ology

We assume big problems need big solutions . . . Yet, what Oliver Payne shows, is how intelligent small changes . . . can be hugely effective even in the face of a global problem. This creative engagement with human understanding will change your mind and might just save the planet

Dr Nick Southgate, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Behavioural Economics Consultant

“We do not first see, and then define, we define first and then see.”

Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, Filiquarian Publishing 2007

Speaking & workshops

Expert commentary on consumer behaviour, or sustainable behaviour,
and covert and overt ways of creating change.


“Great talk by Oliver Payne about persuasion and user behaviour theory. #gup” @AlWightman

“Fascinating presentation from Oliver Payne…” @AlderandAlder

“Thank you! Really enjoyed (and learnt and benefited from) your presentation at #gup The awesome power of a : – )” @Carboncoach

“…Great talk today very interesting, many thanks…” @drulawson

“…Highlights were Becky Willan and Oliver Payne. #gup” @resonatespr

“Fantastic. Spoke clearly and confidently, cramming an awful lot into just 40 mins or so.”
>Tom Bowden-Green

“Good talk by a person that seem to know a lot about what he’s talking about. Nice chat afterwards.”
>Jonas Hjalmar Blom

“great night at the #danacentre y’day with @matt_prescott & @oliverpayne on an amazing panel talking about promoting #climatechange behaviour.”
Peter Harrison, Brainjuicer

“…a huge ‘Thank you’ for your contributions… Afterwards I had an unprecedented number of people commenting and complimenting… each of you individually… the session earned a nomination for… the ‘Best Contribution to Conference’ category …that’s a high compliment.”

“I’d like to say thank you for a brilliant talk yesterday. Thanks are due for so many different reasons… You came up with a fantastic intro to BE. You delivered a great show. The client loved it (won’t stop going on about it, in fact). It really energised the ideas we generated afterwards. You made us look good. I could go on.”

“Environmentalists struggle to craft messages to anyone except environmentalists (he [Oliver] showed us how).”

Sustainable Future workshop, LSE, Oct 2009


A ready-to-go behavioural workshop for marketing and business staff

After an engaging 20-30 min presentation, the audience are split into groups and most are designing useful comms and real-world interventions after ten minutes. After group-by-group spoken presentation of solutions, the room has solved problem of changing behaviour effortlessly.

  1. - A ~thirty minute presentation
  2. - Split into groups, discuss, and present answers (~twenty minutes)
  3. - Content includes examples of ‘overt’ comms and design, as well as ‘covert’/’the situation’ environment change
  4. - Complete with a workshop topic: converting coffee shop visitors from paper cups to sippy-cups/flasks

Also includes a worksheet for the ‘see it, do it’ session, based on our bespoke ‘Damn F.A.S.T.’ model of behaviour change.



ClubWorkspace London Bridge,
Lafone House the Leather Market, Weston St, London SE1 3ER

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