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Hello. We’re The Hunting Dynasty.
We’re a human-centered behavioural design firm helping people and organisations thrive – and we prove it.
Refining your products & experiences is our speciality. Working with an insight-rich, deep behavioural understanding of the human brain is our (and your) advantage – for more than a decade we’ve worked on and tested our solutions on millions of people on every continent in almost every country in the world. Big or small, we work with every client to find considered and appropriate solutions.
Oh, and our name? We hunt for the solutions that will last for generations to come – The Hunting Dynasty.


Years of experience


People in groups & surveys


People tested in live trials



What we do


Covering product & customer experience, communication, architecture, and start-up, support, teaching and more.


From consumer, to finance, B2B, HR, social, government and mobile and transport we cover many sectors.

Case studies

Many regional and global organisations such as The Financial Times, Dyson, Sedgwick, HomeAway, Keep Britain Tidy & Coca Cola, Chelsea & Westminster NHS, LV=, DAS, Financial Conduct Authority, and more.

Working together

Proprietary tools by The Hunting Dynasty

Over the years we have either forged a path to new developments or been pushed by clients to solve ‘the impossible problem’ that has lead to us developing and packaging solution-focussed products such as our Comprehension & motivation test, Brand Personality testBehavioural Pathway Tool, ‘Predictably Irrational’ logic maps, Playbooks and Scoresheets, and our unique behavioural Workshops.



Decades of experience writing behavioural-led copy, our quick hacks, and scientifically structured randomised controlled trials & pilots, qualitative theme breakdowns, and hybrid multi-mode surveys, groups and specials keep our solutions in safe hands.

Thought leadership


Over a decade of posts on behaviour, psychology, design, and communication.

Books & writing

Authors and chapter writers of Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 Ways To Ask For Change (Routledge, 2012), and The Handbook of Human Motion (Springer, 2018), and many published reports and articles.


From speaking to soldiers at the NATO Center of Excellence, to Nudgestock, The Science Museum, Department for Transport, UK, London School of Economics, and many many more.


Part of a series on behaviour on BBC Radio 4, to interviews as part of articles for Esquire magazine, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and more.

Selected case studies

HomeAway: customer archetypes

  • Implicit measurement of Brand Personality
  • 1,142 homeowners who rent out their property
  • US, UK, France, and Germany

Financial Times: increasing subscribers

  • 3x copy changes to subscription package names and descriptions
  • 4 million visitors controlled trial
  • Increase subscriptions +4.81%

Anomaly for Electrolux: psychology of cleanliness

  • 2,800 surveyed in Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, UK, Japan, S. Korea
  • 20 Swedish one-on-one interviews
  • Finding relationships between clean streets and clean homes
  • Supporting content for TV ad, and brand film

Chelsea & Westminster NHS Hospital: patient text message replies

  • Text message replies up +32%
  • Randomised Control Trial on 47,623 patients
  • 5x new text messages with one line re-written
  • 47 thousand people tested

DAS: understanding legal expenses

  • Length down -65%
  • Comprehension up +0.8%
  • 900 adults, online comprehension & self-report test
  • 8x re-writes of letter

Sedgwick: improving insurance claims

  • Claim complaints -25% from letters, emails, calls scripts, and more
  • Tree removal -18 days from letter
  • Inbound comms for ongoing claims -40% from email subject heading

LV=: understanding pension letters

  • Reading ease up +28%
  • Comprehension +4.4%
  • 300 adults, online comprehension & self-report test
  • 1x multi-page letter re-write & re-design

FCA: retail bank switching

  • Behavioural copy
  • Prepping for qual research

FluteOffice: cardboard furniture

  • Product positioning strategy
  • Qual group of office furniture procurement specialists
  • Identify influences on behaviour
  • Brand name change

Stowga: warehousing

  • A 50 page behavioural ‘how to’ marketing guide
  • Includes 502 social media posts
  • plus a library of 132 social destination links

LEXOO: legal service

  • Replies to cold emails up +33%
  • Randomised Control Trial on 1,126 businesses
  • 1x email re-written

Zo: Facebook post generator

  • Signups up +5,500%
  • 4x Randomised Control Trials on 400,000+ owners of Facebook business pages
  • Re-wrote subject, preview

Actelion pharma: staff communication

  • Mapping perceptions of staff
  • Implicit Attitude Test
  • Anthropological study
  • 400 staff based all over the world, HQ Zurich
  • Techniques to increase feedback

Guntner: factory workforce

  • 1,100+ online & paper survey in Hungary
  • Individual management reports & career progress evaluation
  • Persona for factory
  • Communication & alteration ideas

TeamLondonBridge: Christmas gift donation

  • Strategy and execution for 42 businesses
  • From zero categorisation to 95 sacks categorised
  • From zero to 14 volunteer couriers
  • 60% reduction in gift-wrapping volunteers needed, no reduction in number of gifts donated (1703 vs. 1701)

Sparkler: food delivery

  • Supporting service research & behavioural viewpoint 
  • UK & France

Keep Britain Tidy & Coca Cola: littering

  • Littering down -10%
  • 49 people surveyed on street
  • 2x 8 people qualitative groups
  • 2x street litter bin additions & 1x street clean
  • 3x people for 6 days on-site observation

Independent Age: charity donations

  • Increasing cold-call donation from letter
  • Behavioural assessment of 65 year olds
  • Defined and used pathway to construct communication

Male suicide & phone helplines: private research

  • ‘How to’ guide to for charities
  • Primary research on 141 men
  • Shown at Male Psychology Conference, UCL London, 2017 and Warwick Business School Health Psychology Conference, 2019

Sedgwick: major domestic peril handling

  • Escape of water, fire, etc.
  • Long term relationship with claimant
  • Pathway established
  • Calls scripts
  • Top Ten Tips to aid comprehension and motivation

Bristol Waste: foodwaste collection

  • Foodwaste collection up +28%
  • 178 households in Bristol observed
  • Wrote, designed, produced 1x leaflet, 3x stickers, designed trial
  • Participation from 50% of households to 58-64%

Suffolk County Council: communication department

  • 50 page Playbook for comms department
  • Scoresheet and support

Waterwise: domestic water consumption

  • 16k word comms plan
  • Chaired by DEFRA, populated by, The Environment Agency, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Affinity Water, Thames Water, South East Water, World Wildlife Fund, Energy Saving Trust, and Kent County Council

NPower: call scripts

  • Re-writing calls scripts with behavioural interventions

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