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We change the way
your world behaves

Using provable science, psychology and nudge techniques

The Hunting Dynasty enabled us to consider the perceived and hidden barriers to communicate effectively… to change [staff] behaviour. This resulted in far higher participant take up. I would thoroughly recommend!

Ronan Carter, Director, Yomp/PleaseCycle

…the team gave us some really poignant ideas & insight for our marketing communications, firmly rooted in behavioural science. Unique and refreshing approach, sorely needed in the industry!

Lotta Holmberg, Head of Marketing Communications, Pawsquad

Our customers didn’t understand our [insurance] products very well: 1. The Hunting Dynasty helped us develop material that really helped our customers, 2. We have proof that this material works (in fact, it was award winning) …knowledgeable, engaging and motivating –  I would recommend!

Kevin Neal, Strategy and Innovation Manager, DAS insurance, Bristol, UK

“…you guys are amazing! You’ve managed to package our idea to make it so much more appealing and beneficial to businesses… Fantastic work!”

Benedict Romain, Life drawing classes in businesses

Acquiring new users

Using all the behavioural tips and techniques to acquire new users of a brand, or service – commercial or government.

Nurturing existing users

Evoking action in favour of increasing users, or use, of a brand or service, or increasing the value users offer to you.

Streamlining use

Auditing the use and perception of a brand, service or scenario to find where to improve efficiency (or the perception of efficiency).


We deliver inventive, creative, and effortless insight and solutions that change behavior – if you have a behavioural problem and you want rigorous, provable change whether that’s mapping and repositioning a brand, increasing understanding, user acquisition, making solutions that work like magic from strategy, to marketing, operations, and policy – welcome to The Hunting Dynasty.

Our unique combination of deep applied and academic behavioural knowledge, and experience working in the world’s largest advertising agencies makes us supremely qualified to deliver robust, A+ projects every time.

Our name is derived from our core promise – looking for applied behavioural solutions (‘Hunting’) that last permanently (‘Dynasty’). We work internationally, with clients in the UK, Europe, and North America.



❯❯ How we do it

1. Behavioural insight

Our purpose is to discover the influencers of people’s behaviour. We do this with provable, repeatable, primary research on capability, ability, motivation, and more.

Most agencies will tell you what your audience say (40 slides of ‘he said, she said’, invariably). Fewer are able to work out what they really mean based on what they say and even fewer still, are able to work out what the audience really means on a non-conscious level. You won’t get that here. We know how to work out the deep-seated drivers of behaviour – from our award-winning comprehension tests, to our implicit attitude mapping, to out-in-the-wild shopping and community behaviour, randomised control trials, and more.

Some of our packaged products are below. Ask us about these, or enquire about a tailored behavioural solution.


Nudge techniques

Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) ⬇

What you get

  • Solid data on how an audience will react in the real world to an intervention
  • Clear idea of where to put your money/effort/approach

What we do

Change the audience’s environment without them knowing and measure response.

  • Simultaneously testing variants e.g. letters, or building/office alterations in different sites, etc.
    • Before and after e.g. changing roadside furniture, office/store layout, markings/signage, etc.


    Applied Quantitative Psychology

    Comprehension-Motivation Test© (C-MT) ⬇

    What you get

    • A scientific % score of audience’s understanding and motivation to read (versus competitors/old version)
    • Robust enough for submission to regulatory bodies, internal boards/C-Suite

    Great for:

    • Product/service, e.g. finance, medical
    • Product use instructions
    • Space/info/shopping
    • Online/phone/booth/e-commerce, interface

    Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.30.56

    What we do

    Sometimes re-write/design your doc/page using behavioural principles.

    We always run an online test of the comprehension level (Cloze 1953) of your document, webpage, instruction, or description through 100’s of participants. And we run a statistical analysis of the data.

    tests Link
    test Link
    new Link


    Implicit Attitude Map© (IAM) ⬇

    Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 16.39.31

    What you get

    The Hunting Dynasty IAM© delivers:

    • A score of your brand(s) and competitors mapped on a line graph in comparison
    • Clear ‘map’ of where your strengths and weaknesses are versus competition/ where you want to be
    • Very powerful tool – uses deep-seated implicit responses, not just ‘what people think they think’
    • Demographic info weaved in to the results

    What we do

    Run an online test of brands and word-pairs for 100’s of participants.

    Capture demographic and other info.

    Statistical analysis of the data.

    Brand Equity Measure ⬇

    What you get

    A full-spectrum map of:

    • Strength of brand awareness
    • Strength of favorability
    • Uniqueness
    • Recognition
    • Recall

    Great for:

    • Old brand
    • New brand (rebranded)
    • Competitors
    • The sector itself

    What we do

    A multi-mode online and focus group project, we run and write all the questions based on standardized psychological components.

    • In-person (hosted in facility, A/V)
    • Or, webcam-enabled focus groups


    Applied Qualitative Psychology

    Behavioural Pathway Mapping ⬇

    What you get

    • A clear user-path from start to finish and the revealed states, and themes (attitudes, emotions, decision-making behaviour) of the target audience – such as opening a letter requiring a donation, or using a product
    • What are the pinch-points
    • What area(s) to focus on for interventions

    What we do

    Our key difference is we host and observe using our psychologists, either in groups interviews or in-depths, and that can be in-person (hosted in facility, A/V) or on webcam-enabled focus groups.


    Anthropological Structure & Ethnography ⬇

    What you get

    Anthropological Grid-Group analysis is a tool to explain ‘meaningful interactions’ in groups, commonly used in Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft.

    You’ll understand how your group operates, e.g. It might be as:

    • Withdrawn
    • Or, social democracy
    • Individualist
    • Statist
    • Or, totalitarian, and more

    We’ll tell you how to improve/change the culture.

    What we do

    Usually commissioned via HR or managers, our on-site observations find out how much control is present in the individual, and how participants are controlled by the group – measured using standardised Anthro systems.

    Graph the results and report.

    Online Communities ⬇

    What you get

    Usually for weeks or months, we perform an applied behavioural-psychological evaluation of community as they experience and change with your service/ product/request.

    • Online Communities
    • Bulletin board focus groups
    • Chatroom focus groups
    • Video Diaries
    • Mobile qualitative studies

    What we do

    • Shape the ‘hook’ to draw respondents in, expectations, and type of people for the community
    • Design themes, interaction, and community chat based on psychological and behavioural techniques we want to examine
    • Seed ideas into the community and manage its progress

    Usability labs (desktop/mobile devices, Eyetracking) ⬇

    What you get

    • Controlled space to observe behavioural pathway
    • On any type of interactive products
    • Clear feedback on pre-launch interface where downsides of launching for live testing are too great
    • Coverage in US, UK, France, Germany

    What we do

    Testing on: websites, interactive software, hand-held devices, paper prototypes, ATMs, kiosks, automated voice response systems

    • Our key difference is a behavioural reading of the session and outcomes
    • Host and observe using our psychologists

    Features include:

    • Direct inputs from a respondent’s PC at full VGA resolution for website & software testing
    • Real-time video-marking of points of interest
    • DVD recording of all sessions
    • Easily supports multiple testing scenarios including IDIs, mini groups and full focus groups with up to eight users


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    2. Turning insight into execution

    Our purpose is to turn insight into professional executions that influence people’s behaviour.

    Whether it’s overt communication or covert architectural/space changes, we’ll bring all the tone of voice, art direction, and architectural tricks you’ll need. And we know how to craft an intervention so it will knock your socks off. Or sock you in the mouth. (So you can sock it to ‘em – without putting your foot in it.)

    Examples of our skill-set are below. Ask us about these, or about tailored behavioural communication and interventions, whether they are overt and obvious, or covert changes to the environment in which we live.

    Intervention guidance

    Execution Strategy ⬇

    Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 19.50.51
    What you get

    • Execution strategy: A punchy platform – Design and copywriting plans for non-behavioural experts to use

    Rosacea website

    The key aim for the client was to encourage people to make an appointment with a doctor – and we wrote some insights from Behavioural Economics (BE) applied to meet this requirement and persuade people to visit their HCP, and some copy examples as a platform for copy and dev teams.

    Cardboard Futures

    Everybody loved the cardboard desk concept. Even Esquire magazine had featured them before we were commissioned. We were asked, ‘Why – despite overt interest and positive PR – are businesses not buying our cardboard desk?’

    We mapped how to remove, reframe, or ‘agree with’ the instinctive response to get a non-dissonant, non-reputation affecting decision from office equipment procurement managers. We agreed on fixing the instinctive response by renaming the product from ‘Cardboard Futures’ to e.g. ‘Fluteboard’.

    Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 00.35.08

    See the whole story in our portfolio page


    Communication Strategy ⬇

    What you get

    • Behavioural communication strategy: Brand mission, and comms plan – upstream strategic work that gives direction to all categories of communication, as well as more granular descriptions and reasons for executional approaches, e.g.
      Objectives, Audience(s), Messaging, Channels, Copy and art platforms
      Bringing it all together: Examples/copy platforms

    Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 00.39.04strat



    Copywriting ⬇

    What you get

    • Highly crafted, polished, professional copy, written by a combination of psychologists and advertising trained writers
    • Written in any style or tone of voice, made engaging and fit for purpose with all the lessons of psychology embedded


    Art Direction & Design ⬇

    What you get

    • Design: Laying out messages so they work hard behaviourally
    • Art direction: Crafting sumptuous imagery and making sure it conform to the needs of psychology

    Digital (UX, Interface) ⬇

    What you get

    • Email & direct mail: Direct communication needs to be effective – both shaping the message correctly, and making sure it can be built/printed to budget is vital. We make sure both are nailed on
    • Interface and User Experience: Guidance on how to layout pages, work with use-cases, and behavioural pathways though websites/entities. Also, we execute small-builds, from responsive sites to smartphone and tablets, with our experts on staff and specific partners who cover all eventualities

    Designing the user-experience so that:

    • Their Automatic decisions (where System 1 decides (intuitive, rapid, associative) and System 2 agrees (rule-governed, calculating, reasoning)) are prevalent
    • Or, Anchored decisions (where System 1 sets the agenda (intuitive, rapid, associative) and System 2 thinks about it (rule-governed, calculating, reasoning)) are prevalent
    • And making less common the Rational indecision and Cognitive dissonance aspects of choice architecture


    Architectural & Space Design ⬇

    What you get

    • Plans for altering the environment’s influence on people’s behaviour based on our bespoke tests and/or knowledge



    Additionally, we are very experienced in traditional advertising and communications

    • 1 Grand Prix, & 17 Gold awards, inc. Cannes Direct, Cyberlion, DMA, etc
    • +30 Silver, bronze, finalists spanning 1996-2009

        DMA, Cannes Cyberlions, D&AD, Campaign Direct, Caples, BIMA, New York Festivals,
 Revolution Awards, Clio, LIAA, Precision Marketing Awards, IMA Awards,
 Méribel Festival, OgilvyOne Touchpoints, Cannes Lions, Creative Showcase, One Show, MARKies

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    3. Support services

    Our purpose is to support and solve important business & organisational problems that are a result of people’s behaviour – this informs the services we provide.

    Unlike other professional services firms such as PwC, Deloitte, EY, et al, we pride ourselves on delivering nimble, cost-efficient, stable interventions that have provable, traceable outputs that provide measurement for the C-Suite – because of this we are happy to work project based, retainer based, or performance related. Our services range from a 10-minute conversation about your challenge when you aren’t sure how to progress, to having your own on-site team of ‘Chief Behavioural Economists’, to our products that embed behavioural knowledge in non-expert employees permanently reducing inefficient communication, or a future-planning session from experts in behaviour in organisations, and much more.

    They are a perfect way to layer behavioural knowledge into your organisation so we can fix poor behaviour, together.

    Some of our packaged products are below. Ask us about these, or enquire about a tailored behavioural solution.

    Unstructured input

    Behavioural Health Check ⬇

    What you get

    • A behavioural ‘reading’ of your strategy, communication, interface or architecture
    • Actionable insight and commentary on how to improve
    • A plan of how to go all the way from here to a solution in one easy arc

    What we do

    Virtual or on-site, listen to your challenge, review your current strategy, communication, interface or architecture, and provide direction.


    On-call expert ⬇

    What you get

    • The expertise of a ‘Chief Behavioural Economist’ without the expense of recruiting and paying for a full-time member of staff.
    • Avoid the hassle of finding and briefing every time

    What we do

    Dedicate a member of The Hunting Dynasty staff to your organization. They will understand your organisation and needs – retained time, or pay-as-you-go, by email/phone, or at a desk on-site, scheduled drop-in sessions.


    Structured learning

    Behavioural Workshop 101 (1 hour) ⬇

    What you get

    A workshop for beginners to understand and learn to apply behavioural principles.

    • Participants will see the benefit of a behavioural approach to problem solving and have methods to apply in their day-to-day work

    What we do

    Bring a ready-to-go rapid team exercise, ‘pre-packaged’ as problem solving in an imaginary coffee shop.

    • On-site or off-site at a local facility
    • An engaging presentation (~30 mins)
    • Split into groups, discuss, and present answers (~25 mins)
    • Guided towards examples of ‘overt’ comms and design, as well as ‘covert’/’the situation’ environment change


    TAPE© Behavioural Assessment Training (half day) ⬇

    What you get

    • Improved staff ability to assess and apply good and bad behavioural elements
    • Tailored worksheets for each client so participants apply behavioural principles to their own communications
    • Real-world challenges our clients face are worked on with our guidance in the room – a very powerful way to insert behavioural thinking into the business or organisation

    What we do

    TAPE© Behavioural Assessment Training focuses on Timeliness, Attractiveness, Prevalence, and Effortlessness in order to bring to life the foundation behavioural principles.

    We tailor workshop to be sector/client specific using client’s own work. The workshop follows a standard pattern:

    • We present an overview of behaviour and how it happens
    • We present one of the four TAPE© principles
    • Participants correct their own work-examples of real business communication
    • Repeat for the other principles
    • Good for 6-30 participants
    • On-site or off-site at our facility or a local facility


    Embedding behavioural excellence into organisations

    The Hunting Dynasty Communication Playbook© & Scoresheet© ⬇

    What you get

    Embedding use of behavioural techniques into the day-to-day work your your comms staff, planners, architects, designers without expensive and time-consuming training.

    For staff:

    • An online Behaviour Playbook© – a private, searchable, online library of their reviewed comms/output all marked-up with ‘dos and don’ts’
    • Actionable outputs usable from the very first review so new joiners are as good as experienced staff

    For management:

    • Quarterly scores and graphs of department’s output so they can track progress
    • Deals with scale without expensive and time consuming consumer testing

    What we do

    Quarterly review of your recent comms work/output (web, print, phone scripts, film, PR, UX, internal planning, future planning – anything you wish).

    We ‘drive from the back’, so we usually we do four quarterly reviews of a number of representative pieces of client output that have been made during the previous quarter of a year.

    • ‘Mark-up’ the good, bad, and missing behavioral techniques
    • Place them in online library
    • The amount of work builds through the year
    • Consistent scoring of behavioural techniques using our unique Playbook Score Sheet©

    • Graph the results for management to see successful embedding of behavioural techniques in the organisation


    The behavioural economy ⬇

    What you get

    • Help preparing the way for behavioural-founded projects and strategy, internally

    What we do

    • Prepare the way with proof points, examples, and open-question sessions
    • Answer big C-Suite type strategic questions, such as ‘why should we take behavioural interventions seriously?’ (answer: because we now live in a behavioural economy.)
    • Bring to you a valuable and rarely found combination of:
      a.) business and organisational qualifications and experience
      b.) behavioural and psychological qualifications and experience
      c.) communication qualifications and experience

    Open a PDF of this slideshow



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    What do behavioural projects look like?

    Some clients need insight into behaviour and perception, and no more than that. It can be a quick behavioural health check or a more extensive primary research project. Some clients need the full package – insight that leads seamlessly to executing the intervention(s) – and sometimes deployment and maintenance on-going. And some need a communication/execution output, and want behavioural techniques weaved into its creation without extensive primary research.

    If you’re unsure what might be the right approach for you, take a look at how this works in the examples below.


    E.g. How we helped HomewAway understand archetypes in the US, UK, France and Germany


    We tailor many combinations of approaches to change the way your world behaves, so contact us for more.

    Contact us

    Case Studies

    Who we are


    Oliver Payne FRSA

    Founder, Director

    A behavioural specialist, author ( Routledge 2011), commentator ( The Guardian, Esquire Magazine, The Telegraph, etc), ex-ad creative, and manager.


    Oliver has worked in communications for a long time, and is the founder of The Hunting Dynasty.

    He began working in digital startups in Liverpool, NY, and London in the mid 90’s (after a Graphic design degree), shaping digital interaction and inventing some interactive TV elements that are on EPGs today. He was Creative Director up to board between 1999–2009 at Saatchi & Saatchi, and Ogilvy in London on global advertising campaigns for some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies, including BP, P&G, Cisco, IBM, Castrol, Avis, Toyota, and Visa. He’s won lots of the world’s top global advertising awards, and sat on global judging panels.

    Since the late 2000’s he’s been working with psychology specifically through The Hunting Dynasty looking to find and build interventions that change behaviour.

    He is author of ‘Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 Ways To Ask For Change’ [link on this site | link to Amazon (Routledge, 2011), which wrangles together environmental and social psychology, behavioural economics, and decision theory.

    He is an advisor on the Influence Advisory Panel populated by experts from academia, politics, military, government and civil society.

    A speaker on behaviour at NATO (Latvia), Gov departments (Whitehall), Start-ups (Netherlands), Science Museum (London) and others.

    Co-founder of the nearly five-year-old London Behavioural Economics Network which meets monthly.

    He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, a member of The Association for Qualitative Research, and an Affiliate of the British Psychological Society.


    Davina Blake-Lawson

    Client Services Director

    Davina is an exceptionally experienced Client Services Director having worked across direct, digital, and behavioural marketing.


    Applied psychology for behaviour change work is useless without experienced people to make the markets, and manage the ‘apply’ bit from start to finish. With a decade of experience in client service in one of adland’s largest global networks before working with The Hunting Dynasty, Davina is the lynchpin of our client Service and new business. She has a broad experience in all types of comms including digital, social, mobile, and direct mail, on brands including The Co-Operative, IBM, BaByliss, Revlon, Sherna, Cape Promise, and others.


    Lina Skora, MSc. MBPsS

    Senior Behavioural Scientist

    Lina a PhD candidate, is a Member of the British Psychological Society, and a vital part of upholding the psychological standards of the work as well as overseeing its journey into applied interventions.


    She has a background in behavioural and cognitive science, with a Bachelors degree in Psychology & Management, and a Masters degree in Social Cognition: Research & Applications, UCL. Lina curates the full suite of approaches in our research ‘test battery’. Her academic achievement (with the highest dissertation score in her year), and background working in European government and well as campaign teams for the a UK political party, as well as experience running charity accounts stands her in great stead with all of the Hunting Dynasty clients, since she joined the company in 2015.


    Jamie Romain

    Creative Director

    An award-winning advertising creative with experience from some of the biggest agencies in direct, digital, and behavioural marketing, Jamie looks after all collateral that leaves the agency.


    Jamie is an advertising creative with experience in direct, digital, and behavioural marketing and is a creative director for The Hunting Dynasty.

    He’s spent the last decade creating campaigns for global clients including IBM, American Express, Yahoo, Cisco, Dove, and more at Ogilvy » London, UK, as well as behavioural marketing. He has won many industry awards – D&AD, Cyberlion, Campaign, and many DMAs – and his IBM Seer for the Wimbledon tennis tournament was the first augmented reality app to use live data, was featured in the Economist magazine, and is still used as a case study by both Google and the BBC.

    Shanky Kumar, MSc. MBPsS

    Behavioural Scientist
    President of The Hooria Foundation (THF)

    Shanky is a Member of the British Psychological Society, a freelance behavioural scientist extensively trained in psychometrics and statistical analysis and holds a gold-medal Masters degree in Research Methods in Psychology from UCL.


    Shanky draws her strength from the international community research work in India and the U.K. alongside strong academic achievements – she holds a first class honours for all her education, including Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Psychology, and MSc degree in research methods in Psychology, UCL.

    She is interested in understanding and influencing behaviours by blending behaviour science inspired technologies with Qualitative and Quantitative methods.

    Previously, she has worked for UCL (UK), behaviour research companies, and a super-speciality hospital in New Delhi (India).

    She is also Co Founder & President of The Hooria Foundation (THF) – her non-government charity organisation – which empowers young women in India.

    Shanky analyses research, provides reports and advises on projects for The Hunting Dynasty.


    George Deane, MSc.

    Behavioural Scientist

    George is a PhD candidate, and freelance behavioural scientist with a masters degree in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from UCL, and experience with several world-leading behavioural design agencies.


    George is interested in the application of insight from the behavioural and cognitive sciences to the domains of branding, marketing and user experience. As part of his MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences, George interned at Final Mile, an internationally recognised behavioural design agency based in Mumbai. Since then, he has worked for the award–winning company The Behavioural Architects as their Behavioural Economics Intelligence Consultant, and now works freelance as a cognitive and behavioural science consultant. George conducts research, provides literature reviews, and advises on many projects for The Hunting Dynasty.


    Alexandra Mecklenburg FRSA

    Business advisor

    Alex advises The Hunting Dynasty on a wide variety of business opportunities thanks to her decades of experience including Managing Director in the digital and advertising world.


    Dr Simon Moore, PhD, CPsychol

    Chartered Psychologist & advisor

    Chartered psychologist very experienced with organisations and brands using behavioural economics, emotional profiling and engagement.


    Simon is a Chartered Psychologist » with the British Psychological Society. He works with organisations and brands in the areas of behavioural economics, emotion profiling and engagement for InnovationBubble », The Hunting Dynasty, and others.

    He has specialist knowledge of customer-brand personas. He is trained in psychometrics and statistical analysis. Simon is an author and regularly presents papers at academic and business conferences.

    He often appears in the media providing psychological insight into organizational and consumer matters, and has worked with such companies as Sony, Bupa, Pukka Pies, Universal Film Studios, providing them with professional academic advice and research support. He has also provided scientific support in the form of media comment for launch campaigns, PR and branding projects He has a wealth of experience of working with businesses and brands conducting ‘Health-Checks’ and delivering innovative and insightful solutions.

    Recent work includes the development of a Recommendation Index (BRI) to measure the potential WOM reach of Brands.

    Speaking & Advocacy

    Expert and premium commentary on subjects such as the basics of psychology, consumer behaviour, sustainable behaviour, covert and overt ways of creating change, and many specific talks based on The Hunting Dynasty's library of work (of which the full range might not be on display on this website).

    Overview of three Hunting Dynasty projects (~12mins)

    Closing keynote, Wahalla Behavioural Conference 2013, Nijmegen

    Lina presenting at the 3rd Annual Male Psychology Conference 2016, London

    Behaviour and the influences that inspire sustainability (~10mins)


    Social proof, tweets, and comments ⬇


    “Fantastic. Spoke clearly and confidently, cramming an awful lot into just 40 mins or so.”
    >Tom Bowden-Green

    “Good talk by a person that seem to know a lot about what he’s talking about. Nice chat afterwards.”
    >Jonas Hjalmar Blom

    “I’d like to say thank you for a brilliant talk yesterday. Thanks are due for so many different reasons… You came up with a fantastic intro to BE. You delivered a great show. The client loved it (won’t stop going on about it, in fact). It really energised the ideas we generated afterwards. You made us look good. I could go on.”

    “…a huge ‘Thank you’ for your contributions… Afterwards I had an unprecedented number of people commenting and complimenting… each of you individually… the session earned a nomination for… the ‘Best Contribution to Conference’ category …that’s a high compliment.”


    Contact us


    ❯ Journalism, Interviews, Commentary

    Journalist requests for comment, or background information on a topic. Editor requests for written articles. Podcast, TV, and radio requests

    It looks exactly what I wanted. No, scratch that, it’s much better, more insightful and thorough than I could have asked for.”

    Leah Hardy, Journalist (Cosmopolitan, and more), Broadcaster, Author

    Oliver Payne’s writing is insightful, informed – but always entertaining. If you want to understand why we do what we do, he’s your man.”

    Daisy Buchanan, Journalist (Grazia, The Guardian, Look, The Telegraph, The Mirror, Esquire, and more), and Author of ‘Meeting Your Match”

    Esquire magazine

    ‘Has Tinder Ruined The Way We Hook Up Forever?’

    Economic Rockstar: Podcast

    064: Oliver Payne on Transitioning from a Marketing Creative to a Behavioral Scientist

    Secret Psychology of Persuasion: Podcast

    The secret psychology of persuasion with Nathalie Nahai

    Centre for Applied Intelligence

    First of a series of interviews with thinkers and practitioners in messaging research for the CAI

    The Guardian

    How Candy Crush gets you hooked – six addictive tricks. From colour theory to cultural awareness, psychologist Dr Simon Moore explains the compulsion secrets hidden in mobile games like Candy Crush Saga

    The RSA

    A New Agenda on Climate Change, by Jonathan Rowson – and the four distal dimensions: “not here”, “not now”, “not me”, and “not clear”.’Direct link to page

    Materials Recycling World

    ‘Communications need a personal touch.’ Paywall | PDF

    The Telegraph

    ‘Four ways your energy firm ‘nudges’ you to be more green’

    Engaged Investor

    It’s time to better educate people about longevity’

    Science Rockstars


    The Guardian

    Can a change in portion size transform our bad food habits?’

    The Guardian

    ‘Real time advertising could play role in sustainable behaviour’

    Pimp My Cause

    A Conversation with Oliver Payne, Founder of the Hunting Dynasty

    Green Alliance think tank

    ‘Meh’ vs yeah: how to make the most of loss aversion’

    Hyper-local, visible action is key to encouraging green living’)

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    ❯ Books & Chapters

    Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour

    Sole authorship

    Oliver Payne, Founder of The Hunting Dynasty, is the sole author.

    This books asks why do short-term memory tasks change our behaviour? How is our worry-profile the same as an Argentinean farmer’s?

    It uses robust, peer-reviewed psychological insights to show how to change behaviour. It will teach you how to ask for persistent, pervasive, invisible – and in some cases near-costless – change by using our hidden quirks, judgmental biases, and apparent irrationalities.

    It’s of great value to policymakers and professionals in marketing and communications departments dealing with issues of resource-stress.

    Elsewhere on Amazon: UK | US | Canada | France | Germany | Japan


    Social proof ⬇

    There are several reasons to recommend this book… it is written in a frank, conversational style that most readers will find appealing… the author covers a great deal of ground and effectively summarizes the technical literature in an easily digestible format. The book also includes a glossary of terms, making it easy for the reader…

    Adam Mayer, Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2014

    Advocates of environmental issues come on strong… Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour turns this on its head… Payne’s book is like an industrial loom for the synapses; it weaves in strands from contemporary psychology, cutting-edge marketing and cognitive behavioural techniques to show us how… ultimately… this can be used to our planet’s benefit.

    Elite Business Magazine

    The most passionate and articulate hymn to sustainability since ‘An inconvenient Truth’

    Mark Wnek, U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education, ex-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Lowe (NY), EuroRSCG (UK)

    Nudging can be used for good or for evil. For far too long, the evil-doers have known about the tools for influencing behavior. Thanks to efforts like Oliver Payne’s, that is all changing. Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour will help create more good in the world, while bringing more fun and happiness to those who lead the charge.

    Dr John Balz, Marketing Strategist, former editor of Nudge blog associated with New York Times bestseller Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health Wealth and Happiness

    . . . Oliver Payne masterfully brings together insights from a wide range
    of psychological research, weaving them into a coherent guide for communications for change.

    Dan Lockton, University of Warwick, author of Design with Intent: 101 Patterns for Influencing Behaviour Through Design

    . . . If you want to join the fight against this insane, mechanistic view of human nature, you will find Oliver’s book an essential and often-used part of your armoury.

    Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman Ogilvy & Mather UK, author of The Wiki Man, Spectator columnist

    . . . an eminently accessible guide to understanding people’s behaviour and what you can do to influence them . . . Beyond its importance to the topic of sustainability, whatever the concept or product, you will sell it more effectively once you have read this book

    Philip Graves, author of Consumer.ology

    We assume big problems need big solutions . . . Yet, what Oliver Payne shows, is how intelligent small changes . . . can be hugely effective even in the face of a global problem. This creative engagement with human understanding will change your mind and might just save the planet

    Dr Nick Southgate, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Behavioural Economics Consultant


    Handbook of Human Motion

    Co-authorship of a chapter in the book

    Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 14.56.04

    Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 15.08.33 Lina Skora, Senior Behavioural Scientist, is the co-author of a chapter on psychology in the Handbook of Human Motion.

    The Handbook of Human Motion is a large cross-disciplinary reference work which covers the many interlinked facets of the science and technology of human motion and its measurement. Individual chapters cover fundamental principles and technological developments, the state-of-the-art and consider applications across four broad and interconnected fields; medicine, sport, forensics and animation.

    The Editors-in-chief are Müller and Wolf.

    Product detail on Springer.

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